Want to see more mule deer? Check out these six tips.

Mule deer are an iconic part of the Rocky Mountains and the Western United States. They are a popular game animal and bring in millions of dollars each year to the states where they reside. Here are six tips to help you see more mule deer while hunting or just enjoying the outdoors. 

In my home state of Colorado, mule deer are managed through hunting. The population is healthy and there are plenty of opportunities to see these animals. However, it can be tough to spot them if you don’t know where to look. I’ve put together these six tips based on my experiences as a wildlife biologist and outdoor enthusiast. Hopefully, they will help you see more mule deer this season!

Go on a hike in a state or national park.

The national park is a great place to see mule deer. The animals are protected from hunting here and they are often bold, making them easier to spot. Look for trails that go through areas with lots of vegetation. Mule deer will sometimes use these trails to travel between feeding and bedding areas.

Use binoculars or a spotting scope.

Binoculars or a spotting scope can help you see mule deer that are far away. This is especially useful if you are hunting from a blind or stand. Look for movement in the distance and then use your binoculars or scope to get a closer look.

Look for signs of mule deer activity.

Mule deer leave behind many signs of their presence. Look for fresh tracks in mud or snow, droppings, or rubs on trees where the animals have rubbed their antlers. These signs can help you narrow down where the mule deer are likely to be.

Get up early and stay out late.

Mule deer are most active at dawn and dusk, so these are the best times to see them. Get out in the early morning hours or stay out until dark to increase your chances of spotting these animals.

Be patient and quiet.

Mule deer are very shy and easily frightened by noise or sudden movements. If you want to see them, it is important to be patient and move slowly. Turn off your cell phone and avoid talking loudly. If you are hunting, make sure to stay downwind of the mule deer so they cannot smell you.

Hire a guide.

If you want to see mule deer, hire a professional guide. They know where to find these animals and how to get you close without scaring them off. This is the best way to guarantee that you will see mule deer on your trip.

I hope these tips help you see more mule deer this season. Enjoy your time outdoors!

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